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How to receive e-mail notifications when an employee is absent?
How to receive e-mail notifications when an employee is absent?

Instructions on how to set up your company's administrator or manager to receive notifications by e-mail in case of absences

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In order to receive notifications by e-mail, you first need to plan your work schedule because otherwise, the system has no information based on which to send a notification. You can find instructions HERE👈 to start planning your work schedule.

If the work schedule is planned, the next step is to determine under shifts whether you want to use e-mail notification tolerance - "Yes":

  1. Select "Gear wheel" - "Shifts"

  2. Open the shift you want to receive e-mails about - with two clicks or from the Edit button at the end of the line

  3. Click on "Advanced settings"

  4. Set "Use tolerance for email notification?" to "Yes". If it is "No", no notifications will be sent to the email about this shift. In addition, you can set the time for which the email will be sent to you. For example, if you set 5 minutes, if the employee arrives at work before 5 minutes have passed after the start of the shift - the email will not be sent.

  5. Save the selected settings

Next, it must be determined if managers + administrators will be notified by e-mail about the absence of an employee:

  • If the manager has the right to see the employee, has an email in the added software, and has a checkmark (in case of no email notification), they will receive notifications to their email

  • The administrator receives notifications about all employees

NB! If you had already planned the shifts in the work schedule before changing the shift settings, the settings would not be updated for already planned and confirmed shifts. These shifts should be deleted from the schedule and new shifts added.

Example of the email notification:

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