Setting up a work schedule

Instructions on how to enable work schedule deployment under settings

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If you have not used work schedules before, in order for the software to be able to compare working hours with the planned work schedule in the future, it must be turned on under the settings. Proceed as follows:

  1. First, you need to click on the Gear Wheel and "Settings"

  2. Then open the “Working Schedules” tab

  3. Next, you need to set the settings for how you want to start using work schedules:

    • If you use several different shifts (for example, morning and evening), you must select "Yes"

  • If you use only one shift, you must select "Yes, fixed hours" and then select the shift on which all employees will start working

In the case of this option, it is enough if you plan for one month, and after confirming the schedule, the schedule itself will automatically generate the same shift for all employees at midnight for three months in a row.

4. Make a choice about the following settings and save the changes:

Now the work schedule module is activated, and you can start planning your schedule!

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