Planning repeating shifts

Instructions on how to plan an employee's schedule for an entire month at once

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It is possible to schedule shifts:

  • Automatically - by selecting "Yes, fixed hours" and the correct shift in the work schedule module under general settings. Read more HERE.

  • Manually - by adding a separate shift for each day. Read more HERE.

  • Using repeating shifts

To set up a repeating shift, you must first move the correct shift piece to the correct date in the work schedule:

Then open the shift drawn into the graph with double click with the left mouse, after which an additional window will open. To create a repeating shift, check the "Repeating shifts" option at the top right:

You will be presented with options where you can choose the end date of the repeating shift and the days to which you want to add shifts to:

Immediately after saving, the recurring shifts will be created and displayed in the schedule.

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