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Managing work schedules
Adding shift and absences in the work schedule
Adding shift and absences in the work schedule

Instructions on how to add shifts and absences in the work schedule

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  1. To create a schedule for an employee, you need to open "Working Schedules" on the home page and go to the view of the respective month

  2. Then select the right shift from the shift selection on the left, grab it with the left mouse button, click and drag it to the line of the respective employee and to the right day, then release the mouse button:

3. Once you are satisfied that the shifts are correct for all days, confirm the schedule using the green "Confirm" button on the top left.

After that, the software starts to compare the actual, registered working time with the shift in the schedule on the timesheet and, if necessary, shows you the differences.

Using the same method, it is also possible to add absences to the work schedule.

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