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How are working hours reduced on a day before a public holiday?
How are working hours reduced on a day before a public holiday?
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According to the Estonian Public Holidays Act, there are four shortened working days a year, which are February 23, June 22, December 23, and December 31. This means that the working day is three hours shorter on these days. But how to plan the work schedule in such a case? 🧐

You have two options when planning shift blocks into your work schedule before the holidays:

  1. The first option is to shorten all the shifts manually. For this, open the shift with two clicks and change the end time of the shift so that the duration remains 5 hours. After that, the work schedule immediately takes into account the correct standard hours, and no over/undertime emerges in the schedule.

  2. Another option is that you add 8-hour shifts to the work schedule, i.e., overtime will initially be displayed in the work schedule. Then, if the employee comes to work on a shortened working day and works 5 hours instead of 8 hours, they will have undertime on the time sheet. If you confirm this under time on the time sheet, this change will also appear in the work schedule, and the overtime hours will be corrected at that moment.

After that, Anna G will still work 5 hours on 23/12, meaning that she will have undertime hours on the timesheet which have to be confirmed:

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