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How to read the smart card in the device and link it to the employee?
How to read the smart card in the device and link it to the employee?

Guide to using smart cards

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In order for an employee to be able to start registering their working time from the device with a smart card, the card must first be read in by the device.

For initial registration of an employee's smart card:

  1. Press the “Menu” key

  2. Enter the code 53178 on the keyboard

  3. Press the "OK" key once

  4. Select "User Management" by pressing the "OK" key once

  5. Select "Add Card" by pressing the lower arrow key once and pressing the "OK" key

  6. Place the smart card against the lower right corner of the device

  7. Write down the employee's name and the sequence number of the smart card that appeared on the screen

  8. Press "OK"

  9. To continue reading smart cards ("Continue to enroll?" is asked), select "YES" by pressing "OK"

  10. To exit the menu, press the "ESC" key three times

After the initial registration of the smart card in the device, they must also be linked to the right employee in the software.

11. Enter the software and click on the "Gear Wheel" and "Terminals" in the top right:

12. Then press the "Fingerprints and chips" button on the top right and set the name of the correct employee after each sequence number (the number given by the device when reading the face) (find the name of the correct person in the drop-down menu that opens via the "Select employee" button):

13. After linking the chip with the employee, the correct name must be displayed on the screen when the employee places their chip on the reader on the device.

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