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Downloading fingerprints and smart cards to all devices NEW
Downloading fingerprints and smart cards to all devices NEW

Instructions on how to link fingerprints/smart cards between different devices

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If you want an employee to be able to use several devices to register their working time - the employee's fingerprints must be read from one device and then linked to other devices in the software. One fingerprint/smart card cannot be read from several different devices.

To make fingerprints/smart cards work on several different devices, do the following:

  1. First, scan the employee's fingerprints with one device

2. Next, bind the fingerprint to the employee

3. Then, in the software, open "Gear Wheel" - "Terminals" - "Fingerprints and chips" and link the desired prints with the desired device. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you have less than 700 prints in this list, press the "Link all tracks" button, i.e. all tracks will be linked to all devices

👉 You must NOT press the "Link all traces" button if you have more than 700 traces in the "Fingerprints and Chips" list, otherwise the capacity of the device will be full 👈

  • If you have more than 700 prints in this list, you must manually link each track to the desired devices by clicking on the blue turrets and dragging the device from the unlinked column on the left to the linked column on the right (see the picture below)

    4. Then, the fingerprint device automatically downloads the prints according to the time set on the device, which can be changed on the device:

    • Press Menu - 53178 - OK

    • Select User Management - OK

    • Scroll down to " Interval download " - OK

    • Choose the time limit that suits you - 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 5 hours or, if necessary, you can also turn off automatic charging, i.e. set it to No.

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