How to add a contract to an employee?
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If you want to see the salary in the report or if your employee works part-time and you want the work schedule to display the correct working hours, you must first add the contract to the employee:

  1. In the software, open "Employees" under the gear wheel⚙️

  2. Find and open the desired employee by pressing the "Edit" button at the end of the row

  3. An additional window will open for you, where you select the third "Contracts" module

  4. Press the "Add contract" button

  5. In the window that opens, fill in the desired fields: contract type, workload, contract signing date, salary type + pay

  6. Save the given settings

What is the difference between contract types?

  • Employment contract - standard hours are displayed in the work schedule

  • Work contract - in the case of this contract, standard hours are not displayed in the work schedule, i.e., over/undertime hours are not taken into account

  • Subcontractor - behaves in the same way as an employment contract

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