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This report is intended for those who want a simple and quick summary of salaries, where public holidays and working hours are taken into account.

If you want to see the salary in the salary report, you first need to add a contract to the employee:

  1. Open "Employees" under the gear wheel in the software

  2. Find and open the desired employee from the "Edit" button

  3. An additional window will open for you, where you select the third "Contracts" module

  4. Press the "Add contract" button

  5. Fill in the desired fields: contract type, contract signing date, salary type + remuneration, and workload in the Overtime calculation module

  6. Save changes

If the contract is attached, the salary report will also show you the salary.

What do the different columns in the salary report mean?

  1. Base salary - the salary assigned to the employee in the contract

  2. Hourly wage - the hourly wage set for the employee in the contract

  3. Workload - if no contract has been added to the employee, the workload is automatically 100%. If you want the employee to be part-time, this must be stated in the contract.

  4. Working hours -hours worked in the selected period (according to selected data type)

  5. Wage - hours worked x hourly pay

  6. Including holidays - hours worked on public holidays, which are specified separately

  7. Holidays wage - fee according to what is indicated as the multiplier of the hourly fee for public holiday hours under the settings

  8. Overtime - overtime worked in the given month

  9. Overtime pay - pay according to what is indicated as the multiplier of the overtime hourly pay under the settings

  10. Total wage - Salary + holiday pay

The columns of the hours that you have set up in the overtime calculation module will also appear in the salary report - e.g. night hours; weekend hours etc.

NB! Overtime and overtime pay are shown in the report only at the end of the period you specified. For example, if the period is set to three months, overtime + pay will only be reflected in the report of the third month.

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