How to read fingerprints from the fingerprint reader?
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Reading fingerprints is easy, but it must be remembered that the employee must place their finger firmly on the sensor so that the sensor would receive a strong fingerprint.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Press the "Menu" key

  2. Enter the code 53178 on the keyboard

  3. Press the "OK" key once

  4. Select "User Management" by pressing "OK"

  5. Select "Add Fingerprint" by pressing "OK"

  6. Ask the employee to press the sensor three times with the same finger

  7. Write down the number that appears on the screen and the name of the employee to whom it belongs

  8. Press "OK"

  9. To continue reading fingerprints (you will be asked, "Continue to enroll?"), select "YES" by pressing "OK"

  10. To exit the menu, press the "ESC" key three times

After reading the fingerprints, go to the software and link the fingerprint serial number with the employee. To do this, select: "Gear Wheel" - "Terminals" - "Fingerprints and Chips". There you will see a sequence of codes, and you can link the respective employee to the code by pressing "Select Employee".

If the fingerprints are read in and linked in the software, the employee can register work from the device, and you can see their registrations on the timesheet in real-time 😊

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