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Why can I not start working hours in the smart application?
Why can I not start working hours in the smart application?
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One of the main reasons why an employee cannot register for a job by logging in from a smart application is that the software has certain requirements that have not been communicated to the employee.

Here are two main examples:

  • GPS location is required - this means that if the employee has not allowed the Begin smart app to use the location, the "Start" button in the smart app will not be active until the employee shares their location with the app 📱

  • The object is required - this means that the worker cannot start work until they have selected the correct site in the smart application

Mandatory fields can be set or changed by selecting "General settings" and "Timesheet" under the gear wheel. You can then specify whether the object, type of job, and work are mandatory fields, as well as a comment when changing the data. If you make these fields mandatory, the employee cannot start/finish the job in the smart app until all the fields are filled:

NB! In the smart application, it is also possible to select "object/type of job/no work", which option was added based on customer feedback and is helpful in situations where an employee goes to work, for example, to a new site, but the administrator/manager has not yet added the site in the software. In this case, the employee can choose "no object" and still start their working time.

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