How to add mobile app users to the software?

Instructions on how to add a password to an employee so that they could start registering working hours through the smart application

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Our help desk is often called with the problem that a new employee cannot log in to a smart application or software. This happens if the administrator/manager has not set a password for the employee.

Most software administrators/managers know that a username and password must be set for a smart application user. The username can be an employee's personal e-mail address or phone number. However, setting a password is often confusing. Many administrators/managers think that the software automatically generates a password in the form of a PIN, but unfortunately, the software does not do this yet, i.e., the primary password has to be set by the person themselves

To set a password, do the following:

  1. Select "Employees" under the gear wheel

  2. Create a new employee via the "Add Employee" button or open an existing employee via the Edit button

  3. Write the employee's data (first name, last name, e-mail/telephone) and then the password in the "Password" and "Password again" boxes.

  4. Then save the settings

PS! You can also use an automatically generated PIN for registering the device or calling. You must enter this PIN yourself in the fields "Password" and "Password again".

NB! There are two points to note when saving your username and password:

  1. If you have saved an e-mail address for the employee with an uppercase first letter, the employee can log into the smart application only by entering their e-mail address with an uppercase first letter as well

  2. The password must not contain special characters

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