In order for an employee to be able to use multiple devices to record their working time, the employee's fingerprints must be read from one device and paired manually with the other devices. NB! One fingerprint / RFID-card may not be read from multiple devices!

  • To divide your fingerprints/RFID-cards into different devices:
  1. First, read an employee's fingerprints from one device. You can find instructions HERE
  2. Next, link the employee with the right fingerprint in the software. To do that choose "Terminals" - "Fingerprints and chips" and set the correct employee's name after each order number (the number given by the device when reading the fingerprint) Look for the correct person's name in the drop-down menu that appears via the "Select employee" button:
  • Then open the "Terminals" - "Fingerprints and chips" and link the desired tracks with the desired device. There are 2 ways to do this:
  1. If you have less than 700 tracks in this list, press the "Link all fingerprints" button, meaning all fingerprints/chips will be linked to all devices
  2. If you have more than 700 tracks in the list, you must manually link each track to the desired devices by clicking on the blue towers and dragging from the left unbound column to the associated column on the right (see picture below)
  • If all the above is done - go to the terminal where you haven't added the fingerprints and follow the steps:
  1. Press "Menu" on the device
  2. Enter the code 53178 on the keyboard
  3. Select "User Management" by pressing the "OK" key 1x
  4. Move the arrow down to "Download Templates" and press 1x "OK" key
  5. Your device asks if you want to "Download Templates," press 1x "OK"
  6. The next question „Delete All Templates Before Download“ - be sure to choose "OK" by pressing the key 1x
  7. Wait until the loading icon is finished and the number of traces pulled into the device is displayed, then press the "OK" key 1x
  8. To exit the menu press the "ESC" key 2x
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