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Software updates
New features in the fingerprint reader
New features in the fingerprint reader

This article outlines the newly added values of the device

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Starting from May 2020, the devices have been upgraded to a newer version. The added features are highlighted in this article:

  • Automatic print download ⏱ - the device has an "Interval Download" option, which is set to 15 minutes by default. This means that every 15 minutes, the device checks the prints and downloads only new prints and deletes old ones, i.e., it does not download all prints again. At the moment when the device checks them, there is a waiting time of a few seconds when employees cannot register. In summary, this means that if you change prints/link new prints to the device/delete prints in the software, you no longer need to go to the device to "Download templates", but the device will do it itself after the specified time. This setting can be changed in the device:
    1. Press Menu - 53178 - OK
    2. Select User Management - OK
    3. Scroll down to " Interval download" - OK
    4. Choose the time limit that suits you - 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 5 hours, or, if necessary, you can also turn off automatic downloading, i.e., set it to No.

  • HTTPS support 🛡 - devices now have HTTPS support, i.e., secure information transmission in computer networks. By default, this setting is set to "Yes", but it can be turned off by selecting from the device:

    1. Menu - 53178 - OK
    2. Move the mouse down and select the 3rd option - Communications - OK
    3. Select the 3rd option HTTPS - OK - scroll down with the arrow and change it to No

  • WIFI capability 💡 - newer software allows the device to be used via Wifi. The options for this are as follows:

    1. With a Mini USB adapter
    2. With a phone hotspot
    3. Through a SIM card that is installed in the device

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