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Managing reports
Required filters in the report
Required filters in the report

Here you can find information about what the different options under the report filters mean

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When generating reports, you must pay attention to whether all the desired selections were made under the filters:

  1. Subtract breaks - check the box according to whether you want breaks to be calculated in the report or not

  2. Show objects - the report displays objects if they are added to the working time

  3. Compact view - the report does not display the start/end times, but only the working hours

  4. Ignore empty - the report does not display those employees who have not completed/planned any working hours in the given month

  5. All time series - if all workers have not selected an object/type of work/job, then this check box must be ticked - otherwise all the information will not be included in the report. If all employees have made all selections, then this tick is not necessary. Read more HERE.

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