Report of jobs
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The report of jobs is intended for the accounting of piecework. In this report, the object, type of job, work, department, and comment are listed separately for each employee and each day. In addition, this report shows separate "Total" hours for each employee and also "Total" hours for this option.

This report is mostly used by the Construction and Production areas for the calculation of pieces.

The "Show all rows" filter plays an important role in the work report:

If all workers have not selected an object/type of job/work, then this check box must be ticked - otherwise, all the information will not be included in the report. If all employees have made all selections, then this tick is not necessary.

NB! The work report is automatically generated using "Real data" from the time sheet - the working hours in the given report are only references, and the work is based on piecework. Why so? This report would not be able to take into account that if, for example, 9.5 hours of work and ten pieces have been done - then if 1.5 hours of work time is not confirmed on the time sheet, should the report also deduct two pieces or not? For this reason, this report can only be generated based on real data.

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