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Managing work schedules
Explanation of the work schedule display
Explanation of the work schedule display

A guide explaining all the options displayed in the schedule

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The work schedule can be displayed using different filters and in the view of different months. You can find the work schedule by clicking on the "Work schedules" module on the front page
Then the following screen will open for you, where you can make all the changes related to planning the work schedule:

In addition, it is possible to click on a shift or absence in the schedule with the right mouse button. This movement opens the possibility of copying, confirming, and deleting the shift/absence.

NB! The confirmation must be removed from the shift/absence before it can be deleted. To delete an entire month or several shifts/absences at once, hold down the left mouse button and drag across the screen and activate the necessary shifts/absences, then press the right mouse button and select "Delete."

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