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Managing work schedules
Creating and managing absences
Creating and managing absences

Instructions on how to create an absences(i.e., holiday, sick leave) and how to change and delete them

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In order to enter vacations, illnesses, training, and other absences in the work schedule, you must first create all the necessary absence types as follows:

1. This can be done by opening "Absences" under the Gear Wheel

Three system absences are automatically created in the software, which cannot be deleted, but their settings can be changed according to your wishes and needs.

2. To create a new absence, press the "Add absence" button and enter the name, initial letter (displayed in the schedule on a small area where the full name does not fit), colour (to be more distinguishable in the schedule) for the type of absence to be created and press the save button

3. Next, the absence settings should be set. To do this, press the "Advanced settings" button and select the correct settings

4. Absence settings can be changed later by opening "Settings" - "Absences" and opening the correct absence via the "Edit" button. After changing the absence settings, save the changes.

NB! Absences already entered in the work schedule are not automatically recalculated or changed by the software. To make changes, the old absence piece must be deleted from the work schedule, and the piece with the new setting must be added again.

5. Absences can be deleted by opening "Settings" - "Absences" and clicking on the x at the end of the absence to be deleted.

NB! After deleting the absence, the absences added to the work schedule are not deleted.

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