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Managing work schedules
Creating and managing a shift
Creating and managing a shift

Instructions on how to create, edit and delete a shift

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Here we will explain how to:

  • Create a shift

  • Change the shift setting

  • Delete a shift

In order to set up a work schedule, you must first create a shift/shifts. This can be done by opening "Settings" and "Shifts":

Then press the button "Add shift" and enter the name, initial (displayed on a small area in the chart where the whole name does not fit), colour (to be more distinguishable in the chart), and times of the shift (when the shift starts and when it ends) for the shift to be created.

Next, establish the shift settings. To do this, press the "Advanced settings" button and select the settings that you want.

In this way, all shifts that are used in your company must be entered.

Changing the shift settings is possible by opening "Settings" - "Shifts" and opening the correct shift via the "Change" button. After changing the shift settings, save the changes.

NB! Shifts already added to the work schedule are not automatically recalculated or changed by the software. In order to make changes, the old shift must be deleted from the work schedule, and the shift with the new setting must be added again.

A shift can be deleted by opening "Settings" - "Shifts" and pressing the x mark at the end of the shift to be deleted.

NB! Shifts that were moved to the work schedule before the shift is deleted are not deleted.

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