Automatic break
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The automatic break is mainly used in order for the software itself to deduct a certain amount of time from the working time of the employees. This simplifies filling in the employee's time sheet and reduces the occurrence of human errors where the employee forgets to register for a break. You can set the break by selecting "Settings" - "Pause" under the gear wheel:

  1. Break duration (h) - set how long a break will be deducted from working time

  2. After which working hour is the break deducted - if you set for the break to be deducted after 05:30 working hours, then the employee must work 6 hours in a row so that a 30-minute break could be deducted. If the employee worked only 05h 42 minutes, only 12 minutes of break will be deducted from the working time, i.e., the time which has exceeded the minimum consecutive working time specified by you.

  3. Is the automatic break added only once during the shift - if you specify that the break is added several times during the shift, for example, after 12 hours (depending on the specified settings), the second break will be deducted from the working time.

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