Adding objects

Instructions on how to create sites in the software where employees can start registering their working hours.

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Sites can be added by going to "Settings" - "Objects" - "Add object".

Then the object tab will open, where you can enter the object's name and address and determine the radius of the object. The purpose of the object radius is to limit the area of the object to show the employer whether the employee who registered with the phone application started work on the object or outside the object:

PS! The radius of the object does not limit the registration of working time, i.e., the employee can also register working time outside the radius of the object, after which a note about this will appear on the time sheet (a yellow exclamation mark on the end of the GPS)

By adding an object, all employees are automatically linked to the object in the software. If you want the employee to see only certain objects, you can change it simply by selecting the "Bound employees" tab and dragging the necessary employees from the “Bound” column to the “Unbound” column on the left.

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