Adding and managing departments and locations

A guide on how to add departments and units and what to use them for

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With the help of departments and units, it is possible to easily filter different groups of people, and it is also convenient to assign rights to employees. To create a structure:

  1. Select "Settings" - "Departments" - "Add location”, enter the name of the location, and press the "Save" button

2. To add departments, open the location in the previous point and press the "Add Department" button. Then enter all the departments you need in the structure under location and save the changes

3. To group people and also to give rights to managers, each person must be added to the right department. To set it up, go to "Settings" - "Employees" and open the employee using the "Edit" button.

4. Then set the correct department for the employee using the drop-down menu option in the "Department " cell under "General information" and after making the selection, save the change:

5. After dividing people into departments, it is possible to group information using a timesheet, work schedule, and report filters. It is also possible to select only a specific department when giving rights to the manager. This means that the manager has the right to see, change, add, or delete the names of only one department and related information.

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