In our working time accounting software, it is possible to extract a summary of the hours worked by employees through five reports

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We'll explain the difference between the reports, and then you can choose the right one for you:

  • In the summary report of the hours and the hourly fee, it is easy to group the report by objects and employees. This means that it is possible to extract the working time spent on a specific object (cost center) in the report.

  • In the summary report of the hours, the employee's working hours are shown on a daily basis, i.e., in the so-called calendar view. You should definitely select also "Show objects" to see all the information.

  • The working time calculation report shows the norm, over/under time, night hours, holidays, etc., which, in turn, greatly simplifies the collection of data required for salary.

  • The report of jobs shows the working time by the object, and the types of work and comments are reflected there. To see all the information, you should definitely check the box "Show all rows".

  • In the pay report, you can see a simple and quick summary of wages, which takes into account public holidays and working hours.

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