The timesheet shows the working hours of all employees in real-time

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  • Explanation of the timesheet display

  • Table setup

  • Filters

  • Add working hours

The timesheet shows the employees' working hours in real-time - so you can easily check whether the employee started/ended their working hours at the right time and on the right object.

1. Data from the registered data of employees appear on the timesheet in real-time. Each employee's data is grouped together.

2. If necessary, the company can also set the view of the time sheet according to its own preferences by going to "Table settings" - "Visible columns."

3. A number of filters that provide a flexible way to display data by employees, units, objects, or time can also be found in the header of the time sheet.

4. If the company does not want to collect working hours through a smart app/device, the working hours can also be registered to the employee by pressing the "Add work hours" button in the software.

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