Adding/managing employees

Adding employees to the software so they can start registering working time

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In order for your employees to start registering working time, the employee must first be added to the software. For this, select "Employees" - "Add Employee" from under the gear wheel.

To add an employee, it is necessary to write the employee's first name, last name, e-mail/phone number, and also create a password for logging in. You can choose whether the employee can start registering work only with an e-mail address or only with a phone number. If you add them both, the employee can log in to the app with both the e-mail address and phone number you entered.

NB! Depending on whether you entered the employee's e-mail address in the lowercase or uppercase first letter, the employee must write it the same way when logging into the smart application.

It is also necessary to create a primary password for the employee, as the software does not do it automatically, and to give it to the employee. When an employee logs into the software or smart application, they can change their password themselves.

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